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Offering sophisticated landscape, pool and garden design, Boutique Pools & Spas is committed to creating beautiful outdoor spaces with creative landscape solutions for every client. The team of award-winning designers has over 10 years experience creating stunning commercial and residential landscapes that incorporate modern horticulture balanced with architectural accents.Boutique Pools & Spas is passionate about helping each and every customer bring their dream garden to life.


If you are searching for unique landscape designs tailored to match your style and budget, you are going to love our creative expertise and attention to detail. We create innovative and practical solutions to create memorable outdoor spaces that add value to your property and upgrade your outdoor lifestyle.


To explore some of the garden projects that the Boutique Pools & Spas team has completed recently, we invite you to explore our portfolio today.


Boutique Pools & Spas was established by Caleb Moore to raise the standard of pool design and construction. Rather than just provide you with a pool, Boutique Pools & Spas takes a step back and looks at the big picture. Any property can have a simple swimming pool, but we want to provide you with a design that complements your property and lifestyle. A landscape that has been carefully crafted to perfectly replicate your dream garden.



Standard-iStock-000016305221Large-4As a family owned and operated company, we provide a personalised approach that ensures you are directly involved in the creative process. We are not limited to a few mediocre options in a sales brochure. Our team of expert landscape designers do not take compromise as an option. You will feel in complete control as the designers bring your dream garden to life before your eyes using the latest 3D modeling software. Each element can be tailored to ensure that your landscape more than meets your high expectations. Every step of the journey, customer representatives will ensure you know exactly what is going on. Clear communication and genuinely friendly service are hallmarks of the Boutique Pools & Spas brand. We listen and deliver. Even though we have been designing and constructing landscapes for over a decade, we still have an unbridled excitement and enthusiasm for creating unique garden designs.


Based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, our multi-skilled team is made up of expert designers and tradesmen from your community. With design finesse and a focus on creating sustainable gardens, we can create your own backyard oasis. Sydney has an exceptional climate for outdoor living and our team of designers know the secrets to creating an outdoor space that is both inviting and inspiring. Whether you desire a garden for entertaining, exercising, relaxing or for contemplation, we create tailored solutions that combine luxurious elements with family practicalities. If you would like to see some of the recent swimming pools we have constructed in the Greater Sydney, come and explore our company gallery.


Standard-Figtree-27From the initial concept through to project completion, Boutique Pools & Spas has the experience, expertise and personnel to get the job done right the first time. Don’t waste time and hassle trying to organise various design firms, tradesmen and certifiers to complete your project. Boutique Pools & Spas provides stress-free landscaping services by providing you with a complete ‘one stop shop’ service’. Eliminate miscommunication between various parties, by having the experienced team at Boutique Pools & Spas handle every aspect of your landscape renovation project. Providing streamlined services and proven methodologies, Boutique Pools & Spas can bring your dream garden to life without stress or hassle. No matter the size of your project, we have the team to make it a reality. Our tailored services and expert quality control systems ensure that you will be more than satisfied with the final project. Whether you want a small garden to balance the aesthetic of a custom-designed plunge pool or require extensive landscaping for your commercial property, Boutique Pools & Spas offers expert consultation, design, construction and maintenance services.


Don’t settle for stale garden plans. Creating a new garden can be an expensive investment, so don’t compromise on the quality of your design. At Boutique Pools & Spas we offer fresh and exciting garden designs that offer timeless beauty. With an intimate understanding of landscape design and the refined art of creating modern gardens, our design team are committed to constantly exceeding our client’s expectations. Pushing the boundaries of modern garden design in Sydney, we take great pride in leaving our mark on modern landscape design.


Throughout Sydney, the designers at Boutique Pools & Spas have built up an enviable reputation as industry innovators and Sydney landscape design experts. Utilising the latest 3D modelling software and incorporating self-cleaning pool technologies, the design team are raising the bar in regards to modern pool and garden design in Sydney. If you have been searching for a highly recommended landscape design firm in Sydney, Boutique Pools & Spas has the reputation you can rely on.

Spend more time with your family in your outdoor space. Live a healthier life. Add value to your property.


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Servicing all suburbs in the Greater Sydney region, Boutique Pools & Spas is your local pool design firm. Each of our pools is a one-off creation that blends elegance with functionality. A designer pool needs to be complemented with designer landscaping. We have a proven track record of creating award-winning pool landscapes with exquisite horticulture. Boutique Pools & Spas is a member of the industry’s peak bodies, to ensure we continue to deliver the highest standard of workmanship, design excellence and personalised customer service.

Take the first step to having your own personalised outdoor space today. The experienced garden designers at Boutique Pools & Spas are ready to discuss your project and start creating a one-off space that is tailored to your unique needs and budget.



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