Cleva Pools

Why choose a Clever Eco Pool?


Concept, 3D design, plans and documentation. Good swimming pool design is about creating a balance between aesthetics and function. It is essential that the pool look fantastic so that even when it isn’t being used for swimming it is still an asset to the property Our 3d designs allow our clients to visualise not only what they are dreaming of but how their design is down to that final last detail. With a team of some of the most experienced Sydney pool builders, Boutique Pools & Spas can make your dream pool a reality.


Tired of paying to much on your power bill? Your Cleva pool can put $500 back into your hands every year! The innovative variable speed pump technology will cut your power bills.


Our Cleva pools save money by:

  • Using energy saving pumps.
  • Reducing chemical loss through evaporation by using circulation systems.
  • Auto top up, eliminating pump burn out’s.


Tired of having to clean the pool? Sit back and relax as the Cleva pool takes all the hard work out of owning a pool. It cleans itself so you don’t have to. With our licensed paramount PCC infloor cleaning system it guarantees to clean 99% of your pool interior, making it a no-maintenance pool.


You can now own a Cleva pool without the concerns of high water consumption. Water is our most precious resource and needs to be conserved. With our Cleva pools you have access to the very latest technology in pool water sanitization “MagnaPool”. Mineral Science Therapy is the absorption of Magnesium Chloride through the skin. This transdermal method can have a powerful effect in assisting the body to build and store optimal levels of Magnesium, and in turn promote a healthy well-being. The Magnapool Hydroxinateur produces Magnesium Hydroxide – this form of Magnesium is known to be gentle on sensitive skin and other problem skin conditions; this is also known as Milk of Magnesia. Magnesium has the ability to work like a magnet on your skin, helping to detoxify the skin and body of impurities and to reduce pore size, ultimately leaving your skin feeling soft, radiant and smooth. A Cleva pool can be your very own health spa.


Have you had to vacuum the pool and the pump stops’ working? This is generally caused by the air intake to your pump and is a high energy burner and can cause breakdowns. In our Cleva pools this is a thing of the past because they are self- cleaning.


Our Cleva pools have inbuilt circulation systems that push the water from the top of the pool to the bottom and vice versa. This is moving the body of water around the pool, therefore creating less evaporation and also automatically refills. The Cleva pool also has a state of the art filtration system that requires no backwashing and cleaning only once a year creating even less maintenance.


Our Cleva pools are inbuilt with automation which is a system that not only controls your filtration but balance’s your water when you are too busy.

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